Bendale Acres

2920 Lawrence Ave. E.
Scarborough ON
M1P 2T8

Bendale Acres is a 302-bed long-term care home which strives to promote individualized care that respects, supports and enables people to be as independent as possible within an environment in which dignity, self-esteem and the rights of residents and clients are respected. We respect residents’ honouring of community, family, cultural and faith traditions and recognize the value this diversity brings to our home. 

Bendale Acres has been part of the local community in theScarborougharea since 1963. Renovations were completed in 1995, that updated the resident living areas creating 100 private and 101 semi-private rooms, each complete with ensuite washrooms. Bendale is a modern building with large windows, an atrium-style foyer complete with fireplace and skylights. Residents and their guests are able to enjoy visits in our large fenced garden across the front of the property. 

Bendale Acres has an inter-denominational worship centre. With the support of our many local religious groups, a wide variety of services are held monthly both in the worship centre and on resident units. 

Home Features 

Our building includes self-contained resident units on each of the six floors. Each unit includes a spacious dining room, lounges and recreational and rehabilitation rooms.

Bendale also offers two respite or vacation care beds, to provide supportive care to individuals living in the community who may benefit from admission to the short-stay program. 

Bendale Acres has many amenities that contribute to the comfort and quality of life of residents, including centralized air conditioning, telephone and cable outlets in each room, a library and large auditorium. The home’s volunteers also manage a gift shop, hairdressing services, tea room and Bistro. 

Residents enjoy on-unit food and nutrition services, including three meals and three snacks each day. Seasonal menus are prepared to include in-season fresh fruits and vegetables. A registered dietitian is on staff and provides additional nutritional support to residents. 

Our staff are well trained and provide excellent care for individuals requiring increasingly complex care which may include: intravenous treatments, gastric feeding tubes, oxygen therapy and extensive wound management. 

Involving Families 

Families play an important part in decisions made about their family member. We offer many opportunities for families to be involved. Families are encouraged to participate in resident conferences, the advocacy program, the Family Committee, completing resident/family satisfaction surveys and volunteer services. 

Connecting with our Community 

Bendale Acres is a dynamic part of our surrounding community. We provide support to seniors and other groups. Bendale Acres supplies meals to the Scarborough Support Services Meals-on-Wheels program, seven days a week, producing over 600 meals per week. Bendale Acres has developed a close relationship with the Scarborough Rotary Club and Probus. Our home also has relationships with area schools for inter-generational programs. Secondary school, college and university students complete a variety of clinical and training rotations each year, sharing new knowledge and learning from the experiences our staff share. 

Adult Day Centre 

The adult day centre operates on-site five days a week, with an average of 20 clients per day. The day centre incorporates health teaching, basic assessment and monitoring of health issues, as well as social activities designed to meet the divergent needs of members attending the program.

Our Specialized Services include: 

  • Behavioural Response Unit
  • Cognitive Support Unit
  • Ismaili Unit
  • French Language Unit 

Behavioural Response Unit 

Bendale opened a Behavioural Response Unit in 2004 to meet an identified need in the community for long-term care placement of individuals with challenging responsive behaviours. The Behavioural Response Unit strives to maximize the highest level of functioning and provide meaningful quality of life for residents with high-risk behaviours, while promoting their safety and security.

The unit is a small, self-contained unit with 15-beds (two semi-private and 11 private rooms) all located around a central nursing station and hospitality suite. 

Cognitive Support Unit 

Bendale Acres also houses a small, 17-bed Cognitive Support Unit. The unit is complete with two semi-private and 11 private rooms. The nursing communication centre and dining room are located centrally. The unit is secure to protect the safety of residents with exit-seeking behaviours and also has a secure outdoor garden area. 

Pavillon Omer Deslauriers 

Bendale Acres is home to a 37-bed French language services unit. Staff are bilingual in English and French, and are able to provide care for residents in their preferred language. One of our short-stay beds is located in the Pavillon Omer Deslauriers to provide additional support for the French language community. Residents can enjoy recreational activities, special events, spiritual and religious care, as well as music, art and complimentary care in a language-specific environment.

Bendale Acres abrite une unité de services de langue française de 37-lit. Le personnel y est bilingue en anglais et en français et est en mesure d’offrir des soins pour les résidents dans la langue de leur choix. Un de nos lits de court séjour est situé dans le Pavillon Omer Deslauriers afin de fournir un soutien supplémentaire pour la communauté de langue française. Les résidents peuvent profiter des activités récréatives, événements spéciaux, soins spirituels et religieux, ainsi que la musique, art et soins gratuits dans un environnement spécifique à leur langue. 

Ismaili Unit 

Bendale Acres is home to the Ismaili unit (approximately 17 beds). Residents are supported by volunteers from the Ismaili community, allowing them to continue their connections with their cultural community. Residents also have culturally appropriate menu choices at meal time. 

Why choose a Long-Term Care Home committed to diversity practice? 

  • Staff and volunteers provide care and support to residents in their first language.
  • Residents suffering from dementia, often loose their second language skills – causing communication difficulties.
  • Individuals have formed their own values from personal experiences – these cultural and religious beliefs strongly influence how health care is approached.
  • Cultural and linguistic community groups augment the resources of the home in respecting and celebrating traditions and important events.
  • Residents may feel less isolated if family members cannot visit regularly – for example, Pavillon residents have strong support from staff and volunteers.
  • Participation of cultural community on-site – to assist residents to participate in spiritual care activities. 

Other Services & Amenities 

  • Residents are able to access on-site dental, hearing, eye and foot care from contracted service providers
  • Private family dining room for family celebrations
  • Fenced garden with view ofLawrence Avenue, including secure garden area for Cognitive Support Unit residents
  • Art Therapy
  • Music Therapy
  • Complementary Care Therapy, including aroma therapy and light massage
  • Physiotherapy services
  • Recreation and Rehabilitation Staff
  • Co-ordinator of Spiritual & Religious Care
  • Support from the Regional Psychogeriatric Consultant and the Mental Health Outreach Team
  • Behavioural Resource Team
  • Close proximity to Scarborough Hospital Regional Dialysis program for residents requiring Haemodialysis
  • Located centrally onTTCroutes and minutes from the 401
  • Short-stay beds
  • Adult Day Centre 

If you are interested in taking a guided tour of our home, please call 416-397-7000. 

For information on our Home’s Adult Day Program, please contact:
Nicole McGouran



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