Ontario jacks prices on nursing homes, and burials fees

Ontario jacks prices on nursing homes, and burials fees. It’s going to cost more to stay in a nursing home, visit the Ontario Science Centre or bury a loved one thanks to a number of fee hikes being imposed by the provincial government on July 1.

The new regulations also allow nurse practitioners to admit patients to hospitals, alter the

Building Code Act to deal with falling glass from building balconies and usher in mandatory licensing of retirement homes in response to concerns raised about the abuse of residents. “Ontario is moving forward with changes to regulations and fees that will protect services, keep Ontarians safe and help the province stay on track to balance the budget,” a government release issued Friday says.

In a move that could impact social assistance recipients, the province is capping its contribution to health and non-health related discretionary benefits at $10 a case.

Previously, there was an $8.75 per case cap on non-health discretionary benefits, but no limit on health-related discretionary benefits.

Ontarians who capture or kill snapping turtles will be required to inform the Ministry of Natural Resources to help manage the “special concern” species.

The monthly fee for staying in a long-term care home will rise to $1,510.80 from the current $1,452.70 for basic accommodation, an increase of $660 a year. Residents will also pay more for semi-private and private rooms.

Low-income seniors will still pay fees based on what they can afford.

The funeral industry will see fees increase across the board for everything from applying for a funeral director’s licence to establishing a cemetery or crematorium.

The $10 per burial/cremation fee will rise to $11 in 2012-13 and to $12 in 2014-15.

Source: The Toronto Sun,  June 30, 2012       

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